Strategic planning of retail banks in Europe

Dear Strategist, dear Retail Banker.

Thank you very much in advance for your participation and your interest in my Ph.D.-research "Strategic planning in European retail banks" project.

My Ph.D.-research as well as my dissertation were finished sucessfully in 2012. On this website you can find key background information regarding my research in the area of retail banking and strategic bank management. In addition this website offers information about the research project.

Do you want to improve the strategic planning processes in your organization?
May be in one - or more - of the following areas?
- You have a specific question about the use and application of management models and tools
- You want some outside thinking to help you to get out of your mental box
- You want to be coached to find the solution yourself
- You want to take the fast track to learn about working with management models in the real world

I can support your organization with trainings, workshops and presentation of planning processes.
Take action and give me a call or write an e-mail (my contact data).

Your benefits

As a token of my appreciation I offer you the opportunity to receive a central report with the outcome free of charge. This report will describe the planning process within the industry. Furthermore you have the option to receive an individual benchmarking report free of charge. With this report you can compare your planning processes with the industry and identify, whether and to what extent your processes are the same and/or what kind of planning tools are in place.

Furthermore I am very glad to offer you the opportunity for a presentation of the results at the place of your bank. In the very last section there is a specific field for choosing this option. As a matter of course this option is still valid for a certain period of time after receiving the results report.

If you are interested in the reports or the presentation you can use the order form which you will find at the end of the questionnaire.

Data privacy

I would also like to confirm that the results of this questionnaire are subject to data privacy and will be treated in the strictest confidence. They will be used exclusively in a statistical format for the research purpose of my PhD-thesis. All data and data reports will be presented only in a statistical format; hence an analysis of a particular organization is not possible.

Thank you very much for your participation.

Kind regards
Oliver Recklies

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